Who's who in 'Madarch Cymru'?

The mushroom company was started 15 years and more ago by – Cynan (pictured) and June – on the smallest holding of the 'National Trust' in Nanmor, Gwynedd. By now, Arwyn and Gwenllian have joined them in the mushroom initiative growing mushrooms on their farm 'Coedtalog' in Llanerfyl, Powys.

The mushrooms are grown on two sites (and when available, wild mushrooms are also foraged) preferring oak mushroom bales from Pen Llyn. The mushrooms love to grow in a dark, damp and warm atmosphere.

No chemicals or pests are used on the mushrooms. The mushrooms are also hand-harvested and cultivation (i.e. mixed) by hand. The mushrooms are dried in on-site dryers and mixed with different flavours and herbs to create the powders or seasonings.

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